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Build a Portfolio That Aligns with Your Goals

You have a vision for your financial future—but is your current investment strategy designed to get you there? Your portfolio is a key component in your overall financial strategy, and it should be built and managed in a way that aligns with your financial goals and vision for your future. At Griggs Wealth Management, we help our clients to design their portfolios from the ground up, with investment strategies that are tailored to their individual needs, risk tolerance, retirement plans, and financial goals.

If you’re not entirely confident that your portfolio can help you achieve your financial goals, contact Griggs Wealth Management today. We’ll provide you with a portfolio review and offer recommendations on how to improve your investment strategy to get you to where you want to go.

Portfolio Management with an Investment Education

At Griggs Wealth Management, we believe in providing open and honest communication through every step of the portfolio design process, as well as offering regular updates on the progress of your investment strategy. That’s why we utilize a cooperative approach that allows our clients and investment managers to work together as partners in your investment plan. We provide you with an investment education, so you can be actively involved in your investment decisions and feel confident and empowered to take control of your finances.

We believe that educating our clients about their finances is a far more effective way to help them manage their investments and give them confidence in their financial futures.

Important Considerations for Managing Your Portfolio

There are many things to consider when designing and managing your portfolio. In order to better understand how to effectively manage those investments, we get to know the details of your finances and your personal life so that we can personalize and customize your portfolio management services.

Your risk tolerance level is an important consideration for investment management. The composition of your portfolio changes as assets appreciate in value. It’s our job to keep your portfolio balanced to make sure we’re still inside your optimal risk tolerance window. As you get closer to retirement, we may recommend different investments to preserve your wealth.

Types of Investment Vehicles

There are different options for investing in your financial future. Our financial advisors can help you select the investment vehicles that are best for your situation, depending on your time horizon, investment goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences. Here are some examples of investment vehicles that we may recommend for your portolio:

  • Pension Plans
  • 403(b) and 401(k) plans
  • IRAs
  • Roth retirement accounts
  • Private investment accounts
  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, and more

Most people should have a mix of different investment vehicles to meet short- and long-term investment goals. The right mix for you is best determined by working with your portfolio manager.

FAQs about Portfolio Management

How Can I Minimize Taxes on My Investments?

Since taxes are your biggest financial burden, your financial planning process must include taxation. When you contribute to your retirement funds, you can set up tax-deferred accounts that reduce your taxable income for the current year. You can also use Roth accounts to receive tax-free distributions in retirement. Both options allow you to save money on taxes, whereas investing in a private investment account will not.

How Can I Mitigate Investment Risks?

To mitigate investment risk, we recommend keeping your portfolio diversified. As your investment managers, we regularly review and balance the assets in your investment accounts, keeping them within your risk tolerance window. We also analyze the performance of those assets and take action accordingly.

Is It Safe to Invest in a Volatile Market?

When it comes to investing, many people worry too much about timing the market. The truth is, the market is relatively unpredictable, but in the long run, always trends upwards. While investing in a down market can induce some feelings of anxiety, it can actually allow you to purchase assets at a lower cost, which can lead to exceptional returns when the market rebounds. Ultimately, the success of your investments is less about when you enter the market and more about how much time you spend in the market; so, the sooner you can start investing, the better.

It’s Time to Invest in Your Future

Investing and designing a portfolio is often more complex than most people realize. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out this investment process alone. In fact, working with an expert is the best way to achieve optimal results. Griggs Wealth Management can help you review your investment strategy to make sure you’re on track to achieve your goals. Schedule a consultation with our portfolio managers and take charge of your financial future.