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Over the years, we have learned that wealth management is a very dynamic process. It involves LISTENING to our families and understanding the complex relationship between tax, estate, investment, risk management and charitable strategies to steward wealth across generations. We take extreme care to partner with other professionals in these areas as a team.

We begin with creating an overall financial game plan, focusing on how net worth needs to grow to pursue all present and future goals. We create and monitor the progress of wealth plans and coordinate it with assets routinely. For many of our clients, wealth events occur sporadically, and we manage those needs as they occur. We are protective of our clients, and we are also comfortable working with the unique family dynamics that members experience as they steward wealth together. Many of our families are focused on making a difference, and we fully support their efforts with charitable strategies. For us, wealth management isn't a trendy term that we use lightly, it is our supreme focus.

“If we command our wealth we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.“

-Edmund Burke